Northside 2017: Saturday Highlights

Saturday was a sunny day of Danish bands, rounding up with a mind-blowing set by English electronic band, The Prodigy, who gathered an enormous crowd at the green stage.

by Ella Navarro and Elizabeth Waind, photos by Giang Pham 

The sun was out on Saturday, heightening the festival spirit after Friday’s rain. The day started with Folkeklubben and Tom Odell, who got us in the festival-mood from early afternoon; check out our reviews coming later today.

Icelandic composer Helgi Jonsson soon took to the red stage, and to our surprise Tina Dickow was there to accompany him; what a duo! Jonsson’s vocals are seriously impressive, hitting notes that few male singers can boast. Inspired by the northern lights, ‘Aurora’ was one song which sufficiently demonstrated his talents.


Helgi Jonsson delighting crowds at the red stage on Saturday afternoon

“This next one is for hope, hope in our crossroads,” said Jonsson, giving the audience a light at the end of the tunnel in this chaotic world in which we’re living, because hope is the last thing you loose. Together with Dickow on guitar and Marianne on drums and vocals, they made a truly mesmerising and reflective act.

100% organic
As Northside is known for its 100% organic food and drink, we made sure to try some of the amazing food the festival is known for during the day. Not only because it’s fresh and natural, but also because it’s high-quality. We chose the risotto at Grød with mushrooms, parmesan cheese and timian. It was warm, filling, and delicious to every bite. A huge burger with salad and truffle mayo with herbs was another delight for our tastebuds during the day – we don’t know if it was the truffle mayo, the organic meat or the fact we were famished, but we devoured it – and later we tried ‘The Toast’ with pork. Driven by the buttery, cheesy smells coming from the stand, for just 45 DKK we couldn’t say no. A great crunchy, chewy option after all that beer. It’s not just the music that makes a day at Northside.

Hitting the green stage later was Anglo-American indie-rock band, The Kills. Whilst they played we felt a little sinful, so we stopped by the Confession Room to reveal our sins, getting some wine in return. A fun amusement at the festival, you better stop by to confess to the priest and receive some forgiveness. Because you know Northside is much more than just music!


Phlake played to a huge crowd at the blue stage

At 19:00 Danish band Phlake took to the blue stage for what was certainly one of the highlights of the day. With well-known tunes ‘Chunks’ and ‘Pregnant’, they put on a lively show as usual, the crowd grooving under the sun. And almost as entertaining as the music were the faces of those in the audience who appeared on the big screen for their moment of fame, singing along to every word.

Evening falls
Later in the evening, while we were feeling some electronic moves with CHINAH at the red stage, most of the Danes were at Thomas Helmig. Especially well-known for his 90s tunes, for most young Danes his songs charm by drawing out childhood nostalgia.

As darkness falls the Northside arena transforms, making the stage blow up like a light parade; the perfect atmosphere to accompany a brilliant set by English band The Prodigy, who hit the green stage and drew an overwhelming crowd with their electronic beats. Classics including ‘Breathe’ and ‘Voodoo People’ successfully got the audience jumping and craving for more after the set was over. In an impressive show of phenomenal proportions, and in what will probably be Northside 2017’s most wild set, Saturday’s headline certainly did not disappoint.


The Prodigy held an epic show as Saturday’s headline act

There is plenty more music happening at Northside today, including Thomas Dybdahl, James Blake, Katinka, The 1975 and much more, with Radiohead headlining on the blue stage at 22:30; this is not one to miss!

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