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By Madalina Paxaman and Tanushree Basuroy, photos by Astrid Collin, video by Simon Gjørtz

Unless you have been living in a cave cut off from the world entirely, you must have heard about TED and their slogan: Ideas Worth Spreading.

Many of us have attended the TED conferences, but even more of us are familiar with the TED Talks videos available at or uploaded on YouTube. Bill Gates, Jane Goodall, Elizabeth Gilbert, Sir Richard Branson, Nandan Nilekani, Philippe Starck, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Sal Khan and Daniel Kahneman are just a few of the ones who shared, at some point, the stage as speakers in one of the many TED conferences.

And while TED conferences are well-known, the independent TEDx events are also becoming increasingly popular, especially at the local community level. Organized by people interested to discover new ideas, ignite and keep the conversation regarding relevant issues going in their own community, TEDx events are where like-minded people from all walks of life can share a “TED-like experience” through a combination of TED Talk videos and live sessions with speakers.

TEDx events are bringing people together

We live in paradoxical times. We enjoy almost unlimited access to information, and yet we live in the era of disinformation and fake news where people are increasingly disconnected. TEDx conferences are trying to address this issue by going beyond the spread of ideas and information. These events aim at connecting the communities through the sharing of ideas and lively conversations.

One of the TEDx pop up events in Aarhus (photo: Astrid Collin)

And this is exactly what TEDxAarhus is trying to achieve. The Aarhus team can be credited with organizing engaging TEDx interactions, each with an interesting spin on it, the most recent being the TEDx Walks pop-up event.

On August 31st, a lovely Saturday morning, TEDxAarhus had geared up to take exploring various themes and issues to a whole new level. Broadening one’s perspective went hand-in-hand with seeing the city and its sights in a new light. “The idea behind organizing this event was to bring the spirit of TEDx to the streets of Aarhus. We took the speakers to various locations around Aarhus, to spread the spirit of what TEDx is all about. We made it possible to enjoy TED Talks for free and just popped up in the middle of the streets. At TEDx Aarhus we want to be inspiring and talk about the most relevant and important issues and therefore we touched point on subjects such as the climate change and feminism in Denmark. We invite people to become a part of this discussion and to learn from our talented TED Talk speakers. The purpose of TEDx Walks was to welcome everyone to the world of TEDx. Some people might not be aware of the fact that TEDx is in Aarhus, so we wanted spread the word and invite everyone to our main event on October the 5th.”, says the Press Responsible for TEDx Aarhus, Julie Gjørtz.

The walking tour kicked off at Ingerslevs Blvd. Torvet at 11:00 am and wove in and out of indoor and outdoor locations until 15:00 pm.

TEDx Aarhus 2019 has a very diverse line-up and promises a very entertaining day

It is the fourth time, TEDx Aarhus takes place in the “city of smiles” and at this edition the organizers promise a day filled with “inspirational speakers, entrepreneurial individuals, fabulous activities and amazing entertainment.” As usual, the participants will have the chance to network with members of Aarhus’ community – designers, educators, representatives of the business sector, tech wizards, students etc and to c[re]ate, [re]invent and experience something new.

“Our audience can look forward to a whole day event, filled with inspiring TED Talks and various performers, such as singers, DJ’s and dancers. With our theme “[re]*” we invite you to [re]think your perspective, [re]ignite your curiosity and [re]imagine your ideas, as we come together for a day of live talks, performances and interactive experiences that will each challenge, entertain and inspire you around the theme. The theme is both edgy and different so it offers many possibilities of interpretations. 11 diverse and engaging speakers will encourage the audience to [re]consider, [re]shape and [re]interpret the world around us as the speakers share their ideas across – and beyond – the fields of Technology, Entertainment and Design at this world-class event. On October 5 we will dive deeper into the world of [re]* and TEDx. Save the date!” says Julie Gjørtz.

For tickets and more information about the event, please visit

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