Rising stars of Jutland: Kamille Lindholm

‘Rising stars of Jutland’ showcases some of the region’s best new talent. This time we met Kamille Lindholm, a folk-indie singer from Aarhus.

by Elizabeth Waind

It’s a crisp Thursday morning, and Kamille Lindholm walks into Bill’s Coffee on Aarhus’ quaint Vestergade, her blonde hair peeping out from beneath her black fedora; her signature look. She joins me at a table by the window to chat about her music, her favourite artists, and where she wants to take her career in the future.

Lindholm grew up in Aarhus, and music has always been a part of her life. “My step-father was a producer in a huge studio… That was my childhood. He gave me a guitar, his own, and I started to write songs.” Now a full-time musician, she plays for intimate audiences throughout Denmark, in blues bars and even churches. Her first album, ‘Twice in August’, comes out in April.

When we try to define her genre, it doesn’t come easy. “I think of course there’s a lot of folk, and dream pop. Folk and indie,” she contemplates. In the end, we decide on ‘new-style folk’. If the phrase didn’t exist before, it does now.


Lindholm playing at Fatter Eskil, Aarhus (photo: Elizabeth Waind)

Music from the soul
A number of singers have inspired Lindholm in her career, but Jeff Buckley had a real impact on the way she approaches her music. “He changed a lot of things for me when I heard him. The way he sings without any filter… It’s just completely from his soul. And I love when people do that.”

She wasn’t always a full-time musician, in fact she abandoned her career in journalism a year ago to focus on her album. “For me, [journalism] wasn’t the right place to be. The music is the only place I can be. It gives me fear in a way, if I have to do something I am not supposed to do.”

For Lindholm, it’s clear that music is something that’s in her bones. “Sometimes it’s funny with music, because you just have to follow it. It’s not you who’s in charge of it; sometimes it goes in one direction and you just have to go with it.


The singer-songwriter is inspired by a number of musicians, especially Jeff Buckley (photo: Elizabeth Waind)

“It always comes in one piece. It can also come when I’m sleeping at night, and I just have to get up and sing into my phone, and in the morning I have to write it up.”

The album has 10 songs, all written by Lindholm herself, mostly featuring acoustic or electric guitar, and keyboard. Although most are inspired by her personal life and relationships, Lindholm sees the eighth track, ‘Time’, as very relevant to today’s society.

“I didn’t know what I was writing about; it just came. Months after I was like ‘Ahh, now I see it!’ It’s how society is right now… There’s a lot coming from upside down, so it can be difficult to follow your heart. Donald Trump came and showed me: Oh, that’s exactly what it’s about.”

Taking risks
As for all early-career musicians, there are risks involved with dedicating everything to trying to achieve uncertain success. And Lindholm is no exception. “I feel it’s a huge risk, all the time. But I have a boyfriend who is really supportive. But it is difficult; I think my heart is really in it, working all the time towards it. I think it’s part of being an artist.”


Lindholm plays both acoustic and electric guitar, as well as piano (photo: Elizabeth Waind)

When asked about her aspirations for the future, it’s clear Lindholm has a distinct idea of where she wants to take her music. “I really want to go out in the world. Especially Germany, because I think there are a lot of people who want to listen to original music. I guess this is a little more indie. I think Germany is more into this music.”

“I’m really clear in my mind and my heart that I can’t do anything else… When I do music I am relaxed and happy. When I am on the stage, I feel at home.”

You can find out more about Kamille Lindholm on her website, or listen to her music on Spotify. You can also check out her latest video, ‘Blue’, below. Her new album, ‘Twice in August’, is out on April 20th.

Upcoming concerts:
March 30th: Vitavej 69, Odder – buy tickets here
May 4th: Zeppelin Café, Copenhagen
May 30th: Trinitatis Night Church, Copenhagen
May 31st: Fatter Eskil, Aarhus

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