Learning to skateboard at any age

Skateboardskolen Aarhus is challenging the status quo, seeking to make skateboarding more accessible for people of all ages.

words and video by Shivé Prema, feature photo by Skateboardskolen Aarhus

Learning to use a skate park can be quite intimidating if you have never stepped on a skateboard; that’s where Skateboardskolen Aarhus comes in. Back in October the brand new Læssøesgade skate park had its grand opening, serving as a replacement for the legendary Sankt Annagade park which was torn down a few years ago. It was then that those behind the Aarhus skate scene decided to start Skateboardskolen Aarhus. Everybody, regardless of age or experience, can learn to ride a skateboard in a comforting and progressive environment at the school.

The school hosts training sessions at the new skating facility in Højbjerg every Sunday. Morten Maagaard co-founded the school and is there teaching every week. “We started the rough way with me and my friend, and the older guys were really frightening to us,” says Maagaard. “We all did it that way… But if you help each other and teach each other it’s just gonna be so much faster; so why not? It’s also much more fun, and you make friends too.”

Lots of kids stop by at the skate school, and have made skateboarding their new hobby. Mie Fruleer’s son Malik has recently started and is making great progress. “He came here with his friend a month ago and just fell in love with it,” says Fruleer. “I think it’s the atmosphere. And the adults here are just super cool.”

Watch the video for the full interview:

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