SPOTLight on: SUNDAYS, a promising band on the folk-pop scene

So many musicians, so many bands, and what a blast we all had at SPOT Festival 2017. If you missed SUNDAYS, a band with a promising national and international future, here’s the story told by lead singer Magnus Jacobsen.

words and photo by Ella Navarro

You know a star when you see it. Wearing a wool cap over half the head, with a grey sweater and black pants, and a hipster beard, he arrived with his guitar and his friendly smile. Originally from Aalborg, Magnus Jacobsen, lead singer of SUNDAYS, has been living in Aarhus since 2014. Before he started the singing marathon at SPOT Festival, I met him to hear about how he got involved in the music business.

“I started writing songs when I was around 14-15 years old, but I had never played before that,” says Jacobsen. Then he started playing guitar and writing some more for high school bands, before entering the band Dance With Dirt as vocalist, guitarist and songwriter from 2007 until 2016, when the band decided to split.

Dance With Dirt was based in Aarhus, but they toured around the world. In Jacobsen’s words, “It was a real modern rock band.” But he had other plans for himself, to make his own thing. By the end of 2015 he started collaborating with another producer to make new songs part of this new project. It eventually became SUNDAYS, where he will dedicate one of the songs in their upcoming album to his former band, which also represents that part of his life.

Sunday is the inspiration day
SUNDAYS debuted live for the first time at SPOT in 2016, with a full house at HeadQuarters. “It was a mesmerising experience for us, because it was the first time presenting my own thing. We had been rehearsing like hell with the new band. And the reception was so good!” reflects Jacobsen.

After that show they won over a booking agency in Denmark and entered a local competition in Aarhus organised by Fatter Eskil, where they got the deal for their record label. SPOT had certainly put them on the spot.

At the time he was producing songs for this new project and juggling between jobs at bars in Aarhus, so he usually got to write on Sundays. That’s when it hit him. The main theme of the songwriting process was done on this day, when one is sort of in the middle ground: too tired, but you can’t seem to sleep. It was in this ‘in-between land’ where Jacobsen found his inspiration. “There’s a lot of other bands called Sundays. But it was kind of meant to be, so I kept it like that,” he says.

Feelings from the gut
Jacobsen likes to write about stuff that he knows, things that he experiences face to face. Real people, real thoughts, no manufactured pop. Some songs pop up just like magic. On the train, in the supermarket. Others take form during days, years. “It can’t be forced to be the real thing,” says Jacobsen about his writing process. He has a lot of uncompleted songs that he knows he will finish when it comes to him.

His songs have a folk-pop style, where he mainly talks about emotions. The EP ‘The Day Will Come’, which came out on March 10th, “is mainly about the feeling of tearing something apart by the root and trying to settle somewhere else,” he explains. Jacobsen had a girlfriend in Copenhagen for two years and it didn’t work out, so he moved back to Aarhus to try to put himself together. When you listen to his songs, it is that sincere voice that reflects what he felt after the break-up, with a certain passion for getting his feelings out there.

For the debut album there is no sure date yet when it will be released; that is one of the things that was going to be decided at this years SPOT Festival, but Jacobsen is confident that during the summer he will start doing some recording tests, so hopefully we will get to experience the whole album soon.

In the meantime, get to know his songs on Spotify or iTunes, because this guy is going way uphill from here. Like in one of his songs, he is like: “an avalanche, leaving you no time or chance of ever getting out.” Trust me, you won’t be able to go off repeat mode on all five of the songs!

Listen to SUNDAYS in Spotify and follow them on Facebook for events and gigs.

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