The seasons of Lily

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By L.C. Soares

Summertime was at its prime when Lily wrote down a single line:

“I have all I ever wanted.”

Looking around, this seemed nothing more than the plain simple truth.

After all, she had a white picket fence protecting her garden, bright golden sunlight crossing her windows and a stable roof over her head.

She had the sound of a thousand friends laughing by her ears and the steadfast roar of applause following her every move at work.

And she had his ring on her finger, that simple, albeit precious golden halo with her love’s name engraved inside.

Lily felt that she had, indeed, all she ever wanted. Writing it down was just pouring her feeling onto a piece of paper.

Little did she know that Fate had just passed by her window and read those six hand-written words.

“Who is this petulant little human to claim she has all she ever wanted? Doesn’t she know that nothing can contain my might? How does she dare to say that my work in her life is already done when I haven’t even begun to enact my plans?,” said Fate.

So, Fate decided to prove Lily wrong.

As summertime was fading to an end, Fate caught the first gust of crisp Autumn Wind passing by and gave it a simple command:

“Wreak havoc on her grounds.”

The Autumn Wind acquiesced to Fate’s command. With one blow, it shrouded Lily’s bright blue summer sky in a veil of clouds. A second howl blew away the green leaves in her garden. The final gust of wind was the most unmerciful one. It broke the glass on her windows, ripped away the white picket fence from the grounds and left gaping holes on her roof.

Once the Autumn wind was over, Lily looked around and saw what it had done to her grounds. She could have wept in sorrow for what she had lost. Nevertheless, Lily chose to look at what she still had. For her, it was enough.

“I still have all I ever wanted,” she wrote down once again.

Fate was not content with this reaction and proceeded with her plan. By now, Winter Frost was nearing by and Fate gave it one simple command.

“Freeze every heart that beats for her.”

The Winter Frost abided to Fate’s command. Little by little, it crept into every heart that once danced at the sound of Lily’s voice. Soon, her friends’ laughter died into silence. Roaring applause was tamed into a shy clap of hands until there were none. When no one was left to admire her doings, the job that once brought her such pride and joy was given to someone else.

By now, Lily’s trust in life was shaken. She did not dare to write down the wretched phrase again, but she kept believing in her words. After all, she still had her love’s ring on her finger and that could be enough.

“I still have all I ever wanted,” Lily said to herself.

For Fate, that was the final straw. Furious at Lily’s defiance, she summoned the Autumn Wind and the Winter Frost and gave them both one simple command.

“Take him away from her.”

And so, they did. Winter Frost made her beloved cold and the Autumn Wind blew his affections towards someone else. It was not long until she realised that he no longer wanted to be with her. He would rather stay with this brunette, that blonde or maybe even a redhead that passed by on the street. Either way, the only thing that he didn’t want to do, was to stay. So, neither would the ring on her finger. And off it went to freeze in the depths of snow.

By now, Lily was ready to surrender to Fate’s designs. All that she thought she once had was taken away from her. Conceding defeat, she took pen and paper. Her mind whispered a six-word phrase in her ears: “I lost all I ever wanted.”

But Lily’s hand refused to write it down.

The first sun of spring was shining on the remains of her garden, melting the mounds of snow and waking the frozen flowers into bloom. It shone through the dusty glass shards in her window and hit her vanity mirror. And there, Lily caught a glimpse of her own reflection.

Fate’s cruel design had left Lily forlorn and weary, but she was still standing. The Autumn Wind and the Winter Frost combined were not strong enough to knock her down. In fact, Lily realised she was stronger than Fate itself.

Lily looked around. She had a fence to mend, a roof to fix and a garden to recreate. She had new friends to make and god knows how many rounds of applause to grasp in the next steps of her career. Her heart was free to love someone again and, most importantly, to love herself.

Lily had a bunch of troubles. And she wanted every single one of them.

“I want all that I have,” she wrote down.

And before she realised, summertime was at its prime again.

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