WHO KILLED BAMBI & Therese Aune: Musical treats in a lounge of curiosities


On Saturday March 11th, string ensemble WHO KILLED BAMBI was joined by Norwegian singer Therese Aune for an intimate concert in one of Aarhus’ most unusual and wonderful venues.

by Elizabeth Waind

Stepping through the narrow doorway into the hidden Ivars Herreværelse (Ivar’s Men’s Room) feels somewhat like you have entered Charles Dickens’ Old Curiosity Shop.

Concealed in a small courtyard on Skolegade, Aarhus, the room, owned by 74-year-old Ivar Sørensen, contains a wonderful collection of old and unique maritime items. Wooden sculptures, model boats and an assortment of Ivar’s own paintings set against brick walls together create a cosy, intimate setting. Perfect for the small concerts that Ivar holds there, ordinarily for seniors.

The colourful yet soft disco lights flickering off the walls add the final touch to the musical atmosphere of the room. What better setting to have the pleasure of listening to the mesmerising, one-time combination of string ensemble WHO KILLED BAMBI (WKB) and Norwegian singer-songwriter, Therese Aune.


String arrangements were created to accompany Aune’s existing songs (photo: Elizabeth Waind)

Saturday saw the third concert in WKB’s Aarhus 2017 series, ‘12’, for which Mette Dahl Kristensen, one of the six members of the ensemble (of which four performed on Saturday), created string arrangements especially for the accompaniment of a selection of Aune’s existing songs.

Aune, who is classically trained on piano, has a truly wholesome voice which she is able to manipulate to create unique and modern sounds. Her music fits into no distinct genre, but is perhaps best described as an amalgamation of folk and indie pop.

Aune’s raw, honest voice, accompanied by the absorbing sounds of WKB’s strings, was sheer pleasure to the ears. The intimate acoustics of the small room drew out Aune’s rich tones and WKB’s classic strings in a way that enhanced their fullness to fill every inch of it, leaving your skin tingling for more.


Aune’s songs had a variation of string, piano and keyboard accompaniments (photo: Elizabeth Waind)

With some songs accompanied by the strings, and others accompanied by Aune on piano or keyboard, it was a varied set that showcased some of her most popular tunes, including ‘Chameleon’ and ‘Hedina’. It successfully captivated its small audience of 30 – which sat scattered on an assortment of chairs, stools and sofas – for a modest hour. I would happily have stayed for another.

A music experience that was out of the ordinary, in an atmosphere that made it feel like the music was only for you, WHO KILLED BAMBI and Therese Aune came together to create a truly memorable concert for their exclusive audience.


(photo: Elizabeth Waind)


(photo: Elizabeth Waind)

This was the third concert in WHO KILLED BAMBI’s series, ‘12’, associated with Aarhus 2017 European Capital of Culture. The series holds 12 concerts over 12 months, with 12 different soloists each month, in 12 unique, secret locations.

For their next intimate concert, to be held in Braband on April 7th, WHO KILLED BAMBI will be accompanied by singer-songwriter, Julie Maria. For tickets, write to: bambistrings@gmail.com. The venue will be revealed upon the purchase of tickets. For more information, visit the Facebook event.

You can find out more about WHO KILLED BAMBI in their music profile here.

You can find both WHO KILLED BAMBI and Therese Aune on Spotify.

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